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  • Hidden away, enclosed by the gentle hills of Shropshire and the rugged peaks of Wales, rests the ancient village of Pitchford. The village's heart and the hearts of its dwellers belong to the old manor house, built from mellow timber and love. Amongst the lime trees that amble over the lawns, is one tree that stands alone.

    The tree has stood resolute since the time of the Magna Carta. It has survived damaging winds, destructive storms, droughts and floods. The little house smiles with memories of the joyful laughter of generations of children, and the secret love of courting couples. It is said that the tree harbours mystical powers, borne from centuries of wisdom and knowledge.

    Today, Pitchford is still a welcoming village, close to Shrewsbury. Pitchford Hall still stands, but it is now neglected and deserted. Acton Burnell Castle , built for Robert Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells lies a mile away, and is free for anyone to visit. Attingham Park belongs to the National Trust, and charges apply to visit.

    . . . is a series of books, based on real characters and events. Of course, some historical facts have been interwoven with a fictional storyline. The three books (so far) are
    The chronology of all the books is factual, even down to the timings of the full moon.

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    It is also available at Waterstones and Barnes and Noble and at all good bookstores with the ISBN reference number 9781784072704.

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