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  • * All my pantomimes last around 2 hours with an interval. They follow the following format:
    Act 1 scene 1
    Act 1 scene 2
    Act 1 scene 3
    Act 2 scene 1
    Act 2 scene 2
    Act 2 scene 3

    * All my pantomimes come with stage directions, scenery advice, costume hints and full music suggestions.

    * I provide music suggestions assuming your group has a licence to play music at your venue.

    * All my pantomimes have permission for you to perform as many nights/days as you wish, with no limitations on the number of seats, and you can print as many copies as you need.

    * All my pantomimes are provided by email on PDF.

    * I provide a license for your group to perform my unique and copyrighted pantomimes, when payment has been made.

    * If you intend to make a video recording, please note that it is only for the private retention of members of the group

    * My pantomimes are for the use of to your group only, and they must not be shared with other groups.

    * Each of my pantomimes are £150 in total.

    * For any other queries about terms and conditions please contact me

  • My Blog
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