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The Pitchford Chronicles

. . is a series of books, based on real characters and events. The chronology of all the books is factual, even down to the timings of the full moon.Of course, a fictional storyline has been woven through to add colour, romance and supernatural elements. The three books (so far) are... The Tree with the House in It... The Curse of Lecia ...and number 3 ... Juan's Rock is underway.

Hidden away, enclosed by the gentle hills of Shropshire and the rugged peaks of Wales, rests the ancient village of Pitchford. The village's heart and the hearts of its dwellers belong to the old manor house, built from mellow timber and love. Amongst the lime trees that amble over the lawns, is one tree that stands alone.The tree has stood resolute since the time of the Magna Carta. It has survived damaging winds, destructive storms, droughts and floods. The little tree house smiles with memories of the joyful laughter of generations of children, and the secret love of courting couples. It is said that the tree harbours mystical powers, borne from centuries of wisdom and knowledge.
Today, Pitchford is still a welcoming village, close to Shrewsbury. Pitchford Hall still stands and after years of neglect, shortly after my books were published, the previos owners bought it back. They are now working hard to restore it to its former glory. In the books,Acton Burnell Castle , built for Robert Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells lies a mile away, and is free for anyone to visit. Also mentioned,Attingham Park now belongs to the National Trust, and charges apply to visit.

The Tree with the House in it

It is 1832, and Lady Louisa does not care for the ways of formal society. Independent, carefree and compassionate, she rebels against the traditional path set out before her. Things are about to change...
She meets Noah,a confident and loveable Kale gypsy who is on the way to Devon for his betrothal to pretty Clementina.
Louisa's secret friend, Sarah, is her sister's maid. Sarah hopes that the impending marriage her employer, Lady Selina, does not mean that she has to leave her beloved Shropshire.
Joseph, a handsome groom at Pitchford Hall and confidante of Lady Louisa, has romance on his mind.
The events in Pitchford 1832 , and their reactions,unwittingly invoke a local curse which ultimately affects their lives, and the destiny of the future Queen of the British Empire. The lives of Noah, Sarah and Joseph weave together and they each find themselves on a voyage of adventure elation, romance and sorrow.

The Curse of Lecia

It is 1832, and thirteen year old Princess Victoria of Kent has learned she will, one day, become Queen. In August she began a tour of England and Wales to get to know her future subjects.
The Princess has been travelling the land , shaking hands, smiling and acting with dignity and grace .It is now late October and she is about to visit Pitchford Hall in Shropshire, the home of her favourite “uncle.” and Lady Louisa his spirited daughter.
The Princess is restless and wants adventure, although her every move is guarded by her mother and governess. However, she hopes to enlist Lady Louisa (who is in disgrace) to help her break the monotony and boredom of her young life.
What the Princess discovers in the tree profoundly influences her beliefs and ultimately determines the fortunes of her nation.

The Best of Times?

... is set over a two day period, from 2nd -3rd September 1882. Sophie, thirteen, lives in a big house filled near St. James’ Park in London. Sophie aspires to be a proper lady, following the rules of etiquette and refinement. Her parents are away in Paris on holiday and her friend, Alex, is arriving for Afternoon Tea… Jack is a cheeky chimney sweep, living in the slums of Lambeth His family are very poor, and are hoping to avoid spending time in the workhouse. Two very different places. Two very different children. Two very different days in September 1882…

Molly Anne and the BIG Scream

My daughter in law's sister asked me to write a book for her little girl, Molly. Molly was , and still is, a delightful child, full of adventure and spirit. In the story, I included members of our families. If you are interested, I could write a book for your child along the same lines, and personalise it completely. Click here... to find out more about how I could write a unique book for your child.